Instruction Manual

Please take time to read and understand the instructions before setting up your new 1Jac lift and remember that the initial setup requires at least 2 people.

Step 1 - Assembly

Secure the legs using the locking nut with the brake wheels on the nearside of the bike
Remove the lug from the Frame pin at the TOP of the plate setup

Step 2 - Prepare your bike

When your 1Jac lift is first delivered, the pins and adaptor plate will be loosely fitted to the face plate. Remove Bolt A and Nut A to free the adaptor kit from the lift.

The lift picks up your bike from 2 points in the frame, the top rear engine mount bolt and the swing arm. Sometimes these points have a small plastic cover; this will need to be removed to access the pick-up points

Your lift may require a lug to be fitted to the frame here’s how it can be fitted,screwed directly onto the thread after the nut has been removed. Remove the nut and screw on the lug replacing the nut. Once the lug is secured tightly, it can be left on the bike permanently 

On some occasions the engine mount bolt will need to be removed and replaced through the opposite side of the bike so that the threaded end is now facing the nearside of the bike

Step 3 - Setting your plate

Adjust the swing pin at the bottom of the plate until both the frame pin and the swing pin move in and out of the bike frame easily. When you are happy with the position tighten the nut holding the swing pin in place

Your Adaptor plate will fit in to one of the 10 threaded holes in the face plate of your shuttle. Whilst the plate is in the bike frame, line up your lift in the position best for your bike avoiding any footrests/linkages. Select the threaded hole in the front plate for the best position. Ask a 2nd person to hold the bike at this point

Once your happy with the angle and fixing point of the plate, tighten all of the nuts attached to the plate and the adjustor bar, making sure the lift slides in and out of the bike as you tighten the nuts


  • This Device Has Mechanical Moving Parts And Operates Under Heavy Loads.
  • Please Ensure That You Have Read And Understood All Of The Instructions Before Attempting To Use The Lift.
  • First Time Intsallation Requires A Minimum Of 2 People.
  • Do Not Attempt To Sit On The Bike Whilst On The Lift.
  • Do Not Let Children Operate The Lift.
  • Do Not Modify The Lift In Any Way.