Q. How does it fit to my bike?
A. By using a bike specific fitting kit

Q. Where does it fit to my bike?
A. It usually fits to the swing arm pin and the rear engine mount fitted with our unique lug

Q. How secure is a lift and what stops the bike from falling over?
A. Very secure! Using a unique fitting kit made from different tool steels with flex built in to some parts, but not others. This gives the kit the ability to auto lock into place when lifted, quite simply, it's a clever piece of engineering!

Q. Will it fit my bike?
A. Please check the website for current models, if your bike isn’t listed please contact us and we will let you know when it’s due for release

Q. Is it easy to fit my bike?
A. Yes. But please read the instructions first!

Q. What is the maximum it can lift?
A. The 1Jac has been tested to lift over 400kg, it safely picks up the range of bikes shown

Q. What if I change my bike?
A. You can buy another fitting kit from us, please see website for details. You also have the option to return your original kit to us and you will receive a 25% discount

Q. How heavy are the stands themselves?
A. 22kg

Q. Where is the 1Jac manufactured?
A. In Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK – by us!

Q. What materials are used?
A. We only use materials which are sourced from UK mills through consistently guaranteed mill suppliers – quality is paramount here. Materials include grade 304 stainless steel, various EN grade bright steels and strong box 235

Q. How high does the 1Jac lift the bike?
A. The height varies depending on make & model of bike, but your bike will be lifted high enough for you to remove both wheels and service.

Q. What is the guarantee?
A. We offer a 2 year parts and labour guarantee and a lifetime defect warranty.

Q. Are there different colours available?
A. Yes, there are various colours available. Alternatively you can send us your RAL code or paint code and we can do you your specific custom colour of your bike for an extra charge from £49

Q. Can I wash my bike whilst on the lift?
A. Yes absolutely, spin your wheels!

Q. Why is my front wheel on the floor?
A. Set up completed, attempting to lift the bike and the front wheel stays on the ground or very low to the floor.

  • This is caused by the nuts on the threaded bar not being squeezed tight (with the kit in the correct location) and then the main bolt is being torqued to 140nm (105-lbs approx.)
  • This is a really good tighten.
  • After this is done (and before any effort to lift the bike is attempted) ensure the kit once again slides into its location accurately.
  • Re-check that all the 13mm s/s nuts are tight so the friction plate cannot move.
  • A very small amount of movement here will have a greater effect at the wheels.